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Brandon's favorite past times

Showing His dogs

Going to His Karate and....

Playing and helping with his little sister!

FLASH!'07 Brags!Brandon finishes rally titles on 4 of his dogs!
2/06 Florida State Fair Brandon and Sara win 1st in advanced showmanship and 2nd in agility 20"!Brandon and Blossom win 1st in agility 8"!
3/06 Brandon and Cutter take 1st in showmanship,agility,and obedience earning them high pint junior at the Sarasota County Fair!He also took a 1st in agiity and 3rd in obedience with Flame!
5/14/06 4H Invational show - Brandon and Blossom take 1st in 8" agiity.Brandon and Cutter take 4th(out 14 all age kds)in advanced showmanship,4th(out 24 all ages) in sub novice B obedience ,2nd in novice rally,2nd in 20" agility(clean run someone beat their time)earning them their second High Point Junior for this year!

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